Monday, March 28, 2016

Santa Gula restaurant, one of the best foodie experiences in Barcelona

Finally back from Barcelona and can't help but to think of the lunch I had at an amazing restaurant in a quiet square of Barcelona's Gracia Quarter near Avinuda Diagonal and Via Augusta.The high ranking on tripadvisor and other sites drew me to this charming little restaurant called Santa Gula. I was going to write up a blog post about things to do in Barcelona and this restaurant was going to be part of the feature, however after having some of my best Spanish foodie experiences at this place, I thought an individual feature best displays my gratitude at what I can only describe as exceptional and flavourful cooking. The croquettes, lamb neck, suckling pig, artichokes and that heavenly homemade ravioli were all very good dishes. Don't even let me start with that cheesecake and passion fruit dessert. So without further ado, let's check out some pictures below. 
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Sunday, March 20, 2016

paradise Garage review : Bethnal Green ....not quite Barcelona

Hi lovely readers, if you read the blog I posted yesterday about my visit to the dessert heaven known as Cafe Royal, you might have noticed that I mentioned my trip to Barcelona in a few days. My next blog was meant to be from sunny Barcelona. But alas... It's going to be from a place beginning with the letter B. Yes, that lovely place called Bethnal Green. I'm sure some of you might be scratching your head while looking for Bethnal Green on a map. Well, Fear not. Think of the central line and imagine it heading past Liverpool Street and're in Barcelona...I mean Bethnal Green. What it lacks in monuments, arts and the finest Iberica Ham, it more than makes up for in some very good restaurants. I had the fortune of visiting one of those restaurants, Paradise Garage, today. I knew about Paradise Garage on paradise row courtesy of a review penned by Jay Rayner in the guardian last year. The review was quite positive so it was a restaurant I always kept tucked in the corner of my foodie heart. I should say that after visiting this restaurant, I can see why the reviews were impressive. The ambience, music, relaxed athmosphere, interaction of the staff and complex flavours of the experimental dishes were of a high standard indeed. 

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Saturday, March 19, 2016

London's first dessert restaurant at the Cafe Royal

While typing away at work, a colleague showed me an interesting article in the local metro newspaper. That article featured mouthwatering pictures from dessert tasting menus based on an Alice in Wonderland theme created by executive pastry chef Sarah Barber, at the Cafe Royal on Regent street. I really love my desserts, so this was a no brainer really. I spent that night trying to get a weekend booking, and as chance would have it, they had a 7pm slot at London's first dessert restaurant on the 13th of March. Happy times. 

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Sunday, March 13, 2016

An evening at a Lebanese restaurant called Kenza

Hi readers, hope the weekend's going ok. Just thought I share some pictures on my blog from a friends leaving do I went to last week. The venue, was a Lebanese restaurant with a Moroccan influence based at Liverpool Street called Kenza. On entering the restaurant the first thing that strikes you is the beautiful middle eastern themed interiors. The glittering lamp lights, rich fabrics, carved tables and low seatings brought back memories of some restaurants I visited in Dubai and Morocco. The scents of incense sticks and music also helped to create an atmosphere that transports you to a different place during the meal.
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