Saturday, February 20, 2016

Weekend brunch at Canary Wharf's Roka

Hello lovely people, it's that time of the weekend again when food, drinks and Netflix ( can't wait for daredevil season 2) takes the fore, with thoughts of work being a distant memory ..unless you're working weekends. If that's the case, well help is at hand and that help involves ideas of what to get up to when you finally escape work, if you can make it to Canary Wharf before 3.30pm that is. What am I talking about I hear you mutter, well it's Japanese brunch at a very good restaurant worthy of a food blog post called Roka. The brunch features a wide variety of the restaurants signature robata dishes alongside sashimi and dessert platters. The vast array of appetising starters at the counter really brings out the foodie in you...or if you're like me, the foodies in you. You also get to enjoy a Bellini, Bloody Mary, or green tea and passion fruit ice tea on arrival. So without further ado, here are s few pictures. I wish I took a bit more, but I was pretty hungry at the time. So here goes.

Find the ice rink and you shall find the restaurant. 

So much food..those chicken wings and sashimis were to die for 

Roka Brunch

They had quite a few good robata dishes.This ranged from the Japanese mushroom rice hot pots, to assorted tiger prawn and vegetables tempura's , cedar roast baby chicken with garlic and lemon soy, salmon fillet teriyaki, baby back ribs with cashew nuts and a 180g grilled beef with Spring onions.Such a tempting selection. We ended up going for the salmon fillet and baby back ribs. Both dishes were delicious, with the salmon being my favourite of the 2. It literally just falls about in your mouth. Just perfect. 

Delcious Salmon Fillet Teriyaki

Those ribs...also quite dreamy 

Tasty baby back ribs

I was quite stuffed at this point, but alas, I heard the dessert calling and when dessert calls..Michael answers. It came in a bowl of ice.. Chocolate, banana ice cream, pineapples, melon, wish I could name the rest. I think I had my head in the bowl at this point and pretty much ate like the Fantatsic mr fox. The chocolate was so good. 


It was pretty much hard moving after eating all of that, however I enjoyed my self thoroughly and I would do it again. So how much did this feast cost?. Well the brunch menu was priced at £45 , £55  or £65 person. I went for the £45 option, however the meal for two came up to just over £104 or thereabout. All in all, I had a very good time, so it was well worth it I say. 

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Breakfast at Tom's Kitchen - Canary Wharf

Hello readers, it's been a few weeks since my last post. Hope you're all having a nice Valentine's Day, with loads of chocs and pressies. I went to two restaurants yesterday, so my first blog post will be about brunch in Canary wharfTom's kitchen. The occasion, my mums birthday celebration. The birthday was a few days prior, but alas bad planning on behalf of my siblings and I meant we didn't do anything on the day. I'm glad we chose to do something at Tom's kitchen, however. It had a very welcoming friendly environment with some nice dishes for the little one.  The breakfast and brunch menu selections were also quite good with choices such as the full English breakfast, seasonal berry pancakes, eggs benedict, various omelettes and nice smoothies.  Check out a few pictures below. 

Bread dipped into perfectly runny egg yolks.

There goes my time at Toms kitchen. Always lovely spending time with family and loved ones. I guess that's what this weekend and most weekends should be about really. I'm heading out of the house now, but I promise to post a few pictures about the lovely lunch I had at Roka tomorrow evening :)

                                                                See ye soon 

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