Sunday, January 03, 2016

Breakfast in Lagos, Nigeria

My time in Lagos involved eating out a various places, whilst catching up with family and friends. My first stand out restaurant was based at a boutique hotel called Bogobiri house. Located in Ikoyi, bamboo bar served delicious traditional dishes in a relaxed and calm environment decorated with African paintings. The friend I was with mentioned that the musical instruments near our sofa's were
for upcoming talent live band shows.

In terms of food, the restaurant served some of the best traditional breakfast dishes have had in Lagos so far. They had yams ( a tuberous root vegetable a bit like potatoes), plantains ( think of massive bananas. You can have them boiled or fried ) , egg stews ( I used to make this. It's basically eggs fried in a tomato stew base) etc. The boiled plantains was slightly sweet and mixed with the spicy eggs, a delight indeed. I had this with a few local beers and 10am in the morning. It's night time somewhere on the oplanet, so totally justified. 

On the whole, I really enjoyed this Lagos restaurant. If you're ever in Nigeria, it comes highly recommended. I'm just about to head out to a few more places, so look out for a few more lagos blog posts. 

                                                                 O D A B O 



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