Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Delicious Turkish food at Efes in East london

A good place to go for lunch time meals in London Whitechapel, Efes serves simple delicious Turkish food. I had the pleasure of visiting this place with a few of my colleagues during our lunch break (we made it back in three hours in case if anyone is asking ) and all agreed that the dishes served, especially the grilled meats were of exceptional quality.

So without further ado, here are the pictures

Patlican Ezme: Grilled aubergine, garlic, tomato ,tahini and onion sauce

Cacik: Cucumber and hint of garlic in a creamy yoghurt sauce

Anthony dreaming about the party he went to the previous week...while planning his next assault on the lovely baked bread

Efes Special : Lamb chops, chicken wing, lamb ribs, lamb&chicken doner, kofte, Lamb &Chicken shish, Rice& Couscous 

Tender meat served on a bed of rice.
You cant change lives on an empty stomach.
Finished off with some nice tea

A few us mentioned Efes being decked out with sleeping pods for gluttonous customers. Seemed like a decent plan at the time as the walk back to work was slow and laboured.

                                           All in all, a good lunch break well spent.



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