Sunday, January 14, 2018

Trullo : A very good Italian restaurant in Highbury

Trullo favourite
Trullo favourite
A New year and two things remains the same. The hunt for good tasting food continues and yet again by coincidence sports or exercise doesnt make my top 100 list or is that top 1000. There's a new thing on the list however and I already gave a clue about this change in my Coq d'argent post. That change involves making more time for a few friends. Being one that hates procrastinating ( its a weakness of mine ), I messaged Taiwo, a friend of over two decades ( she actually featured in my Paradise Garage blog post two years ago ) and arranged to meet up last week Thursday. Next on the agenda was finding a restaurant to visit. I work in Westminster ( Central London ) and she works right bang in East London, Bow to be exact, so it made sense finding a restaurant in the middle. The middle in this case being Highbury and Islington in North London. Yes....I made a mistake. After visiting a lovely Italian restaurant called Padella , I was determined to visit another called Trullo based on the good reviews on Tripadvisor and glowing references about the perfectly seasoned dishes by Jay Rayner in the Guardian. A look at the first line of the address which goes " St Pauls Road" and I was convinced it stated St Pauls station. A quick call to Tai about this slight "ahem" change in destination and we were good to go.

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Saturday, December 30, 2017

The perfect place for delightful beers and rib eye steaks in Brugge

Koen on the grill
My next blog post was meant to be about my time at a Christmas market in Ghent, however on getting to Brugge, the lack of wifi meant having to wait till I was back in London to put some posts together. It was this wait that changed the order of my posts due to the amazing time I had savouring the tastiest rib eye steaks washed down with delighful beers at a restaurant  ( In't Nieuw Museum) 15 odd minutes walk away from Brugge's historic UNESCO city centre. I need to show you a few pictures of the lovely medieval buildings and canals first, then we can pan back to the steaks. 
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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas in Gent : Naturell Restaurant

Beautiful Gent
This mini Belgium blog series idea all started a few months ago following my time at Luke and Wendy's wedding in the Netherlands. I loved every minute of the wedding , especially the reception. It was like Britains got talent meets xfactor meets celebrity dancing on ice in dutch. Totally loved every minute of it.
Wedding over, seeing as we stopped over at Dunkirk on the first leg of the trip, we decided to spend a few hours in any beautiful city on our way back to London. After a while on google , Gent seemed to stand out quite a bit from the rest. Walking around Gent was like being transported into a magical disney town. Tons of little streets, canals, medieval architectures, coloured buildings, beer houses,  basically it was like being in a painting at times.
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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The smoking goat review

Smoking goat delight
Hello readers, How's your week coming along?. Have eaten soo much over the past few days, I think have put on a ton. Yes even more than usual because am Louis's self appointed dedicated foodie tour guide. This was his third day in London ( see my previous post ) and the plan was to drag my friend to all the restaurants on my foodie lists. The next restaurant on my list was a Thai BBQ place called the Smoking goat on 7 Denmark street ( WC2H 8LZ) , a few minutes walk from Tottenham court road station.  One of the first thing that gets you is the waff of aromas coming out of the kitchens. A lemongrass wonderland. We scanned the menu quickly while waiting for Diran ( who arrived almost 60 minutes late by the way) and many of the dishes massively stood out. The chilli fish sauce wings (£7) , goat sausage with tumeric and chilli ( £4 ),  smoked goat shoulder (£34) , Cornish lamb ribs with pickles (£11) and  rarebreed pork chop to name a few. We settled for the first four and all I can say is.....Bucket loads of flavour galore.
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Saturday, November 04, 2017

A French restaurant with a roof top garden : Coq d argent

London skyline from Coq d argent
My thursday morning entailed a 6am visit to Heathrow airport to pick up a childhood friend visiting from the land of #Covfefe and fake news.The last time I saw Louis aka Timi ( always Louis to me mate ) was 4 years ago at his wedding in Virginia, so I was really looking forward to catching up on 4 years worth of stories. Yes I know there's something called Face Timeth, but alas as these things go at times we just never got round to it. A quick journey home from Heathrow and it was back out again to visit a restaurant near Bank train station that have always had on my foodie list. A private lift from the ground floor of No 1 Poultry building reveals a french brasserie with a beautiful roof top garden called Coq d'argent.
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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Padella : A review of the Best Italian restaurant near Borough Market

When my friend asked to meet up in London for a meal before he jets off to Malaysia, one restaurant with a queue as long as Israelites marching out of Egypt to the promise land came to mind. The promise land in this case being Padella , a restaurant that turned out to be one of the best Italian restaurants have had the pleasure of dining at around Borough Market or dare I say London Bridge. Every time I saw chefs rolling fresh pasta by hand at their window overlooking Borough high street during my lunch break , I look to the left and the queue just dampened my foodie soul. Luckily Guiseppes and Brindisa were always around the corner to provide much needed sustainance. The spaghetti and lobster at Guiseppes is worthy of being a last meal by the way. So, back to Padella, as it so turns out, I had the Monday off work and was prepared to queue for their 5pm you do on your day off. While queuing I read about the owners ( Tim Siadatan and Jordan Frieda ) and their other restaurant in Islington called Trullo. The positive reviews I read made me look forward even more to what Padella had to offer.

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